Dec 4

Reflection Challenge- Week 4

Week 4

Let's look a bit deeper

Reflective Practice is a great way to develop your teaching. This is the fourth in a series of five videos, helping you to reflect on your practice in an objective and specific way. This week, a task to help you investigate a bit more deeply.

Hi, Want to be more aware of your teaching and work on your own development? I’m Jo Gakonga from and in this series of videos we’re looking at some data led exercises for reflection. This week, the challenge level is going up a notch and this task might take you a little bit longer, but I promise it’s useful.

We’re looking at classroom talk again and by now, you’re probably getting quite used to watching yourself in your recorded class, so I’m going to ask you to put what you say under a microscope and examine it closely. I want you to choose a really small part of your lesson when you are talking – to the whole group or to individuals. This works best if you choose a time when you are giving instructions or explanations or feedback on an exercise. Choose a SHORT extract- I’d suggest one or two minutes is plenty. Listen to it.

Now comes the challenge. I want you to transcribe it. Write down everything that you hear. Everything you say. Just for one or two minutes’ worth of your talk.

I KNOW that this is hard work. It really is. It’ll take you a while. It doesn’t have to be perfect- it’s only for you- but try to make it accurate. If you emphasise a word, write it in capitals or in bold. If there’s a pause….. put a few dots to show it. I promise you that a kind of magic happens if you do this. Somehow, by writing down what you said, a whole new world opens up. The process of transcribing it will slow it down. You get to see your practice in slow motion and because of this, you’ll notice much more.

 When you’ve done it- as you are doing it, think about the language that you are using. Is there any way in which you could change it, you want to change it? What does it tell you about your relationship to your learners, your confidence in the class? Your clarity and language use? What else do you notice?

As always, feel very free to email me and tell me how you get on with this or ask one of your colleagues to do this, too, swap transcripts with them and meet up online to discuss what you found out.

Hope it’s interesting and I’ll be back next week with one last challenge for you.
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