Grammar for Language Teachers
& Dictogloss

Great English teachers know grammar - WELL

  • Plan more efficiently
  • Teach more effectively
  • Answer your learners' questions with ease

Learn it the easy way and let an expert CELTA tutor show you exactly what you REALLY need to know about how English grammar works.

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Grammar for Language Teachers and Dictogloss

Grammar for Language Teachers

What’s in the Grammar for Language Teachers course? Two parts

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Part One - Nomenclature

Part 1 will take you through all parts of speech and verb tense nomenclature, active and passive. This will give you the essential nuts and bolts and make sure you understand what everything is called.
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Part Two - Difficult areas

Part 2 then takes a more in-depth look at some of the main areas that learners (and teachers!) find difficult. You can see a list of all the contents when you scroll down the course overview page.
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In Grammar for Language Teacher, you will learn:
  • Why a good working knowledge of grammar is essential for teaching language
  • The terms and nomenclature of all parts of speech explained simply and comprehensively
  • How verb tenses work including passive and active forms
  • In depth coverage of areas that are difficult for learners (and teachers!) - and how to explain
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In Dictogloss, you will learn:
  • What dictogloss is
  • Why it's so powerful for language learning
  • An example of how it can be used 
  • Video tutorials and downloadable worksheets
So in a nutshell...

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