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Our most popular course for in-service teachers 

Teaching Grammar Communicatively

Many teachers- both novice and not-so novice - struggle to present grammar well. If this rings true for you, this course can help. It's all about HOW to teach grammar to make it interesting, interactive and useful for learners.
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Exciting group programme

VoiCE - Video Creation for Educators

A motivating, hands-on eight week programme to develop your educational video making skills in a small group environment.
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What our learners are saying ...
Hello Jo. I did my CELTA in 2017, and your online grammar course was suggested by one of the course tutors as a way to top up my knowledge prior to the course. I thought it was excellent and I’ve referred to your site many times since. When I was looking for something to support the increasing amount of online work, you were my first point of call. Always a trusted safe pair of hands!
Lee, EFL teacher
Hi Jo, I really wanted to express to you how much I appreciate you sharing your experience and expertise, not just in the video here about setting up an online education business. But honestly, Jo, I’ve had nothing like this up until now. I have needed the help that you give more than I can express. Yet your elt training videos go far beyond what I could have hoped for. It really comes across in all of your videos that you really love what you do and your heart is in it. And you make it look and seem possible that I can do this by your warm and gentle approach in presenting this teacher training.
Ellen, EFL teacher
Hi Jo, I've been training English teachers for over 10 years and I'm glad to say that you have been a good friend and teacher of mine during this period. I always get the updates of your videos and play them in my classes. My students love you so much and we have learned a lot from you. Thank you very much for your generosity and keeping us up-to minute on the latest issues in ELT training.
Fateme, Teacher trainer
ELT-Training's most popular course

Grammar for Language Teachers

It's a really common problem for people who want to take CELTA that they speak the language completely fluently but don't know the nomenclature of the language or how it fits together. If you want to teach the language, you need to know this and this course 'Grammar for Language Teachers' has helped hundreds of trainees get to grips with it!
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