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Your CELTA Library

You now have access to an enormous range of material that will help you prepare for CELTA, navigate the course successfully and be incredibly useful in your early teaching career.
Obviously, dip into the parts that you need most, but if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choice, here's a suggested route map.

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..and don't forget you can always email me at [email protected] for help or to ask questions.

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Start here

Start with The Ultimate Guide to CELTA Success – this will give you a good overview of what you need to do to do well on CELTA
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Learn the terminology of grammar 

Now Grammar for Language Teachers -Part 1. This will give you the bedrock of knowledge about language that you need for everything else.
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Delve into lesson planning

Then move on to Lesson Planning Made Easy – This is an area that trainees often struggle with and it’ll really help to have a running start at it.
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Get ahead with concept checking

Concept Checking made Easy – another really useful skill to start thinking about. How you check that learners have understood what you have been teaching them!
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Go back for more grammar

Now you have a better understanding of grammar terminology, the trickier parts of the language will make more sense!
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Use this for Language Analysis in your plans

This has step by step walk throughs and downloadables that will be invaluable as you are teaching particular grammar points.
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Don't forget the FREE CELTA Toolkit

There's lots of useful methodolgy here, too- and all free!
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Want support with assignments?

You'll find video walk-throughs, hints and tips and useful links here.