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ELT-Training provides a range of online courses and other learning materials for CELTA and beyond designed to help you on your journey to becoming a brilliant English language teacher.


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Meet Jo Gakonga

Hi- I'm Jo Gakonga, the founder of ELT-Training.com. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the notoriously intensive CELTA experience, you're in the right place! I'm a CELTA Tutor with over 20 years experience (I'm also a CELTA assessor and one of a dozen Joint Chief Assessors for CELTA) and I understand the challenges of learning to teach English. Want to know more about me and ELT-Training? Here is a short video below :)
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1. Why did you start ELT-Training.com?

I started ELT-Training in 2011 in response to a problem. When running a CELTA course we frequently interview candidates who have great potential as teachers, but whose knowledge of grammar isn't strong enough to allow us to give them a place on the course. We also find that for trainees, not knowing the nomenclature and the systems of their native language is a major stumbling block on CELTA. If you have learnt a foreign language to an advanced level, you probably have a good grasp of how languages hang together. However, if you haven't (and maybe even if you have) you probably don't know much about English grammar, despite the fact that you can speak the language eloquently and write it fluently!

2. Aren't there lots of books about this already?

There are lots of great grammar books out there, and you can learn it this way, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start. I wanted to develop a video-based pre-CELTA course that would give trainees a basic grounding and the tools to go away, reflect on it and study further themselves. This is the model for ELT-Training!

3. Are your courses useful?

Obviously, I think so, but the proof is also in the people who have done my courses. Hundreds of people have done the grammar and concept checking courses and I get very positive feedback. You can see some of their comments on the Reviews page and individual course pages. Perhaps more importantly, most people find me because the trainers at their CELTA centre have recommended my site.

4. Can I ask you other questions?

Of course! just email me at jo.gakonga@elt-training.com
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