Video Creation for Educators

A practical, eight week programme to develop your video making skills and monetize your teaching!

Want to generate income with video? Develop skills  in a supportive environment with this  group programme.

Next course dates July 7th to August 25th 2024- Early Bird offer £100 off until June 1st

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Let me start by telling you a story.....

In 2010, I started an MA and as part of that I got interested in making educational videos. This led, two years later, to launching my website ELT-Training.
At the time, I really didn't expect much from it. I had a job that I liked and the video making was a bit of a hobby. An interest that earned me some pocket change. I didn't expect it to lead anywhere.

How wrong I was......
Over the past decade, making videos and video based courses has had a significant impact on both my professional and my personal life.

It's brought me recognition
I've also been invited (and paid) to go to some really nice places to speak at conferences (and done a lot online!) and I put out a lot of free stuff which allows me to feel that I'm giving something back to the community.


It's brought me satisfaction
Do I feel appreciated for this? Yup -every day I get emails and messages on social media from people expressing appreciation for what I do. This always makes me smile. 
It's brought me freedom
Finally, and this really is the icing on the cake, my business has now grown to the extent that I can rely on the income it generates (significantly more than I used to earn at Warwick University) and I'm now able to live and work wherever I want  - Greece, Italy and Australia so far! 
This is not a boast. I say it because I want you to understand how very powerful video making for education can be.
I know lots of teachers who are just as good as I am but  by making video and getting it out on social media, I have given myself a VoiCE and that's what's made the difference.
This is not a dream - you can do it, too.

Don't take it from me....

The proof of any programme is in what previous participants say about it:
  • I've learnt soo much and worked with such fantastic colleagues.
  • It's given me confidence and the motivation to actually MAKE video.
  • Constant support 
  • Life-changing stuff!
  • Why are you waiting to enrol?!

Watch the video for some more of their thoughts....
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Want to know how you can learn to make videos and change your life?

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Is this you?

You're fed up with your work situation and you want more freedom and control

The Video Creation for Educators programme can help
Video is the key to online courses that sell. VoiCE will help you to make awesome videos and show you how you can use your existing teaching expertise to build online courses that will sell while you sleep. This can start as a side-hustle hobby and build into something creative, interesting and lucrative. 
Work when you want and where you want.
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You've started playing around with video but you're stuck

The Video Creation for Educators programme can help
It's hard to get started on a whole new way of teaching. There's the technical side, the aesthetic side, the confidence you need. It's easy to just keep procrastinating. This course will get you up and running, producing the videos YOU need and can use for your courses and for promotion.
Get a flying head start on your video making
Is this you?

You already teach online but you're struggling to attract learners

The Video Creation for Educators programme can help
Learners buy into a teacher that they like and trust. Video connects with people in a way that text can't. Show your prospective clients who you are with professional looking video that will make them feel that they know you already.
Video makes learners much more likely to buy from you.
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Is this you?

You're a teacher being asked to put lessons online and feeling a bit lost

The Video Creation for Educators programme can help
Over the past two years, so much has gone online and teachers are being asked to make video often without any training Let me help you to create engaging video that your learners will love and you'll love making. Upskill and shine in your school. Become the go-to person for video knowhow.
Get noticed and get better work

OK, I get it. Video rocks. But why do I need this programme?

It's not easy to do on your own

I'd love to tell you that all of this has been a cakewalk, but of course it hasn't. It's taken me ten years to get where I am, and I've done it all myself by trial and error.

Isn't all this on the internet?
Clearly you CAN Google all of the information you need - it's out there BUT it'll probably take you quite a long time to find everything you need and work it out for yourself.

A great shortcut

What I am offering is help to you get to where you want to be MUCH faster. I have learnt so much along the way and I'm going to give you the benefit of all of the shortcuts that I know - what works, what doesn't work so well, tips, tricks and useful resources and tools that you can use to your advantage.

Stop thinking and start DOING!
The other HUGE difference that this will make to your progress is that committing to this eight week programme will ensure that you really DO something. That you stop procrastinating, stop worrying about how you will start and just take those first steps in a supportive environment that can lead you to creating something really worthwhile.

Ongoing support

The eight weeks of the course will get you off to a flying start, but that's not where it ends. You'll have lifetime access to the course materials to review and (more importantly) stay part of our supportive community of alumni in our private Facebook group. Want some feedback on new videos you make? Courses you produce? Got questions about editing? Getting it out there? We're always here for you!

video for your context

Completely useable results - A flying start

Every week of the course
You'll work on a video that is useful for YOUR context and that you can use to generate INCOME. You can do this in two ways.

  • Promotional video for social media or your website that shows people what you do and CONNECTS you to your ideal clients. It'll help people to know you, like you, trust you and buy from you
  • Making video for online courses like I do. These will generate you a passive income and once they're made can sell for years.

By the end of the course, you'll have:

  • Videos actually ready to USE immediately 
  • A clear idea for where you want to take them to make MONEY
  • The motivation to keep going and FLY

I've seen video courses on Udemy and Skillshare. How is this different?

You can buy a cheap self-access course for this but how far will it take you?

People who buy courses like that often do one of two things:

    1) Buy it and never watch it
    2) Watch it but never make any videos.

This is where VoiCE is different. 
You'll have:

  • Support in the weekly group meetings
  • Support in one to one tutorials with me
  • Support in the Facebook group (during AND after the course)
  • Someone you can ALWAYS ask (me!)
  • Motivation and confidence to make video every week

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A practical course for a practical skill

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Independently accredited

The course is accredited by CPDUK and recognised as 60 hours of Continuing Professional Development. As well as  your skills, you'll receive a certificate from CPDUK to verify your qualification to an employer. Who wouldn't want to employ a talented teacher (you!)  with additional video making knowledge in these digital times?

The practicalities

How does the programme actually work?

Hopefully, by now, you're thinking that this all sounds very interesting but what does it involve and when?! Let me give you the details. The VoiCE programme's likely to take you about 6-8 hours a week in total and it's made up of three main components:
Every week there's input on various aspects of video making - these will show you how to edit with Camtasia including getting rid of those 'ums' and 'ahs' and adding images and other video to make your videos engaging. I'll show you what equipment is helpful (there's not much, don't worry!) how to script and film to best effect, how to be confident and come across well on camera and much more.
We'll build up these skills gradually with a specific focus each week and there'll be exercises to help you practice. This is all on video (of course) so you can go through it in your own time and at your own pace. There's always support if you need it through our private Facebook group.
Each week you'll also make a video - just a short one (1-2 minutes). There'll be a clear focus each week but the choice about the CONTENT is yours. I want you to come out of this course with video that you can use immediately for YOUR purposes (promoting your services, part of an online course to sell, content marketing etc) and with an idea of a template to allow you to make other video content more easily and quickly.
You'll post this on our private Facebook group each Saturday, so you'll have the motivation to do it and you'll get to see lots of other examples from your peers (you'll learn so much from this, I promise).
This is the heart of the course and is a weekly Zoom call where you will be in a small group with a maximum of four participants for an hour. This is much smaller than in many group programmes and it means that you'll have individual attention but also the support of peers. These groups are usually on SUNDAYS but you'll have a choice about a time that suits you. You'll show the video you've made and we'll discuss together what you're happy about and what you want to work on next. These meetings are recorded and I also send out a summary of the feedback every Monday.

In addition to the weekly Zoom sessions, there are also TWO individual tutorials with me - one hour in Week 2 and another in Week 8. These can be arranged at a time to suit you and they're a chance to help you to focus on what you want to make video for - how you're going to make this MAKE YOU MONEY! 

And the support doesn't end when the course does...

You still have access to the online materials after the course if you want a refresher and you'll also still have access to our growing, vibrant private Facebook community. 
  • Want to get some feedback on new material- it's there.
  • Want to ask questions of the group or me - you can.
  • Want to be inspired by what other video-makers are doing- it's definitely there!
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Frequently asked questions

Are you the tutor?

Oh yes – there’s a lot of ‘me' in this! You'll see me every week in small feedback groups (max 4 people) and also for 1-2-1 tutorials at the beginning and end of the programme. I'm also always on hand to help if you have any questions or problems. I'm here to support you!

What equipment do I need?

To be honest,  you’ve probably already got what you need. I’ll give you Camtasia editing software (worth over £200) and you can film on your laptop or your phone (better) – that’s what I do! An external mic helps and a tripod is useful but both of these are cheap.
Lighting is helpful but you can film by a window or outside or use what lighting you have in the house. I work on the principle of ‘use what you have and upgrade as it makes sense for you, personally'.

What happens if I miss a session?

Most of the materials are asynchronous, so you can do the tasks in your own time during the week at times to suit you, so that's no problem.

The feedback sessions are on Zoom on a Sunday (there are different sessions to suit different time zones) where we talk about the videos we’ve made that week in a small group (max 4 people). They’re the heart of the course, really so I hope you won’t miss them, but they’re always recorded so you can look back on them and when people have had to miss a session, the group watches that person’s video and talks about it so that they still get feedback on it.

Do I have to be in the videos? I'm a bit camera shy.

You don’t have to be in the videos you make – I wasn’t for about the first 5 years I made video… BUT…I’d encourage you to be there. If you’re selling courses to people, there’s a strong element of the ‘human’ in making a connection and it’s nice to see who’s talking. It doesn’t have to be all the time, though, and the BRILLIANT thing about video is that you can edit it until you’re happy with it (I’m going to show you how). You’ll be amazed at the level of professionalism that’s possible just filming in your front room and editing on your computer.




Use the arrows below or swipe left or right for examples of the engaging, professional video participants have made by the end of the programme and to hear their opinions of the course.

even if you're busy with other things


Naoko Kiyan had a lot of other things on her plate when she decided to do VoiCE but she decided that ACTION is the way forward!

Although she had only recently completed her CELTA course, she had a lot of life experience working in international companies and for the United Nations. Her ideas for how she could exploit this to help others developed through the course.

Watch her video to see why she recommends VoiCE
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Naoko Kiyan - Japan    



Julie Lehner came to the programme with a lot of expereince as a teacher, teacher educator and CELTA and Delta tutor.
Although she'd already dabbled in video making, she wanted the motivation and the accountability that a group programme would provide to help her in her existing work and kickstartnew business.

Watch her video to see why she recommends VoiCE
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julie lehner - romania    



Jane Turner works as an EAP tutor at Anglia Ruskin University but is also a materials writer  and wanted to expand this part of her professional life to create a video based self-access course for students to help them develop their academic  vocabulary.  She says 'It's worth it!'

Watch her video to see why she recommends VoiCE
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limited teaching experience- extensive life experience


Hadrian Harris has had an interesting life. After working as an audiologist for a number of years, at 67 he retired but decided that it wasn't time to stop doing something useful and fulfilling. He did CELTA and then learnt how to make engaging video and is setting up his own online teaching business that he plans to run from the sun in Spain.

Watch his video to see why he recommends VoiCE
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hadrian harris - kent, UK    

using video to publicise other businesses


Genevieve White has had a long career as a teacher and a materials writer, but as she branched into teaching copywriting, she realised she would need video making skills to increase her business' visibility.
This one you HAVE to see - it's a testimonial in rap form! 

Watch her video to see why she recommends VoiCE
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genevieve white - shetland, UK    

taking your experience into new areas


Dita Phillips is a  teacher, teacher trainer, CELTA tutor with a wide range of experience over a number of years but family commitments and a move to Luxumbourg made her rethink her teaching focus. Being a woman whose first language isn't English and having overcome the barriers that this threw up, she is planning to work with women in business to help them grow the confidence that she has developed herself.

Watch her video to see why she recommends VoiCE
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dita phillips - czechia (based in luxumbourg)   



Craig Branch started his teaching life in South Korea but ended up settling in Dortmund in Germany teaching a wide range of different students. He came to the VoiCE programme with a background in podcasting, his first love, and a desire to take this further, using video to make online courses to sell and earn more of a passive income as well as attract new learners. 

Watch his video to see why he recommends VoiCE
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seeing a need and filling it


Elham was the recipient of the scholarship place that I offer on every course to increase the reach of the programme. She is from the Kurdish part of Iran, and teaches in a middle school as well as offering teacher development to other teachers in her area. Her objective was to increase the reach of her ideas but also to create an English exam revision programme aimed at students in the Iranian school system. 

Watch her video to see why she recommends VoiCE
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Elham zamaani -IRAN  

aha! now i see how they do it!


Linda was the recipient of the first scholarship place that I offered in 2021. She is from the Mexico and during the covid lockdowns began to develop a programme to help Indiginous Mexicans to develop skills for them to teach Spanish as a Second Language. Video making has enabled that to expand and she found the course really enlightening as background knowledge of how the YouTubers she'd been watching achieved such professional results.

Watch her video to see why she recommends VoiCE
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linda osuna -mexico  

it's all about confidence


Nicola is a teacher, trainer, materials writer, writer of fiction and an amazing person.... but she has always hated being on camera.
VoiCE gave her the nudge and the confidence she needed to make great video that she's used to develop her online programmes at her website 'The Chilled Investor'. 

Watch her video to see why she recommends VoiCE
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Abby works in the Lewis School of English and she was already creating online courses for teachers using video before the course.... but she wasn't very happy with the way they looked.
Her boss agreed (and funded her) to do the programme and she's now making amazing looking material that the school can be proud to sell.

Watch her video to see why she recommends VoiCE
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ABBY CROUCHER -southampton, uk   

when video making can support a really worthwhile charity


Sneh Gupter was the recipient of one of the scholarship places that I offer every time the course runs and I wanted to help her because I was so impressed by her amazing work with children with physical challenges in a school in rural Rajastan.  Little did I know what an incredibly talented video maker she would become -see her video for the impressive results.

Watch her video to see why she recommends VoiCE
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helping to take an existing business forward


Michelle came to the VoiCE programme with her business 'Inspiring Inquiries' already up and running but she wanted to take it further forward both in creating material to sell but also for publicity.
She made this testimonial as a song (it's worth watching!) and got Chat GPT to help her with the lyrics. See what you think!

Watch her video to see why she recommends VoiCE
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See how alumni are making an income from their video making skills


Take a look at some of the businesses that have grown out of the video skills participants have developed during the VoiCE programme.

Case Study 1

Nathan came to the course with IELTS teaching experience that he wanted to be able to capitalise on. He'd started playing around with video but hadn't got very far on his own. After a few weeks on the course, his ideas crystallised for the kind of online courses he wanted to make and he started making videos  for the first one. He also made this fabulous promo video - check it out.

He says
Find Your VoiCE' has been amazing. I think I'll look back to this time and realise that doing this course was life changing. It's been fun, manageable, challenging and rewarding. We're actually making real videos that we can send out into the real world and use whatever way we wish.  The best thing about doing this course is that you stop thinking about 'doing things' and instead actually do them! I highly recommend it.


Instagram promo video for Nathan's IELTS prep course
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Case Study 2

Sally is an experienced teacher and CELTA tutor and came to the course wanting to expand on her existing online business. At the beginning, she wasn't sure about the direction that she wanted to take, but with support in our one to one tutorials, she developed a course curriculum and videos that she's going to be launching later this year - go Sally! Here's an example of what she's produced.
She says
I would recommend anyone who wants to know how to create good quality, engaging and professional videos to do the course with Jo.  It is very empowering to learn a new skill and this course has done that for me.  Jo is fantastic.  She has made the course accessible to everyone so you can do it with some knowledge or no knowledge of making videos.  Don't hesitate - book it now.  Really, it could change your life. 

An example from Sally's '30 day motivator' course
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Case Study 3

Nicola had already started developing an online teaching business when she joined the VoiCE programme. She had realised that there are many English teachers whose first language isn't English who have a great level (C1+) but who want to continue improving their own vocabulary and so she developed a WhatsApp based course to help them.  VoiCE allowed her to take that existing idea and give it wings to make it fly with engaging video content! 
Check out her new website and the fabulous video material she has developed.

She says
Can't rave enough about this course with the wonderful Jo Gakonga. It was inspiring, enriching and great fun. Thank you to my great peers for sharing the experience and providing really helpful feedback. Highly recommend it! 😍

Check out 'Lexicalship' (Nicola's website) here

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What do you need?

No previous video making experience
You'll work and get feedback at your own level, so no problem if you're a complete newbie or if you've already started to 'dabble'.

A commitment to put in the work
You are going to see amazing results, but you have to put in the effort. I'd suggest that you will need to be able to devote about six hours a week to the course.

Basic equipment
Something to film yourself with - a phone or laptop will be just fine for this - preferably with a tripod or stand (these are not expensive). A reasonable microphone is also helpful but again, not very expensive. You need a stable internet connection to join the input sessions.

What will you get?

This is all about supporting you. You'll work in a private Facebook group, and have feeedback on your videos every week on Zoom in a small group (four people). There is online input for you to do each week at your convenience and and also one to one tutorials with me the course.

The course gives you the chance to work with a group of like minded individuals who will motivate and inspire you. If you can imagine a CELTA-type experience for video making, this is it. You'll work hard (nothing worth doing comes easily) and have the opportunity to learn from each other and talk about your own work with others.

I know from experience that this approach WORKS and you will make ENORMOUS progress with the practical approach of creating, reflecting, getting feedback and doing it all again...and again...and again.

..and as a bonus - FREE editing software

The course price INCLUDES LIFETIME ACCESS to Camtasia editing software (worth over £200) - a powerful and intuitive package -and I'll be showing you how to use it!  You need to have a computer/ laptop with a high enough spec to use this. 

What do people who are doing the course say?

These videos were all made by course participants. I hope that they'll give you an idea of how much they got from working with me on the course, but also a flavour of the really wide range of ways that you can use video -  the choice is yours!
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What next?

Practical details...

Next course dates

If you want to find YOUR video VoiCE, the next cohort will run through July 7th-August 25th 2024.  Sign up below to register your interest (no obligation!) and be notified when the next course launches.

£1585 or three payments of £549
Price includes lifetime access to Camtasia editing software valued at £270

Interested? ... ready to give it a go?
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