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Hi Jo, I'm doing CELTA at IH London... One of my tutors referred us to your website. I've already finished my second TP and even though it went really well, I still needed a way to organise my thoughts and get to grips with lesson planning, language analysis and especially aims and sub aims. Once I watched a few of your free videos on your website, I was hooked. You do such a great job at explaining things in a simple way. I think this is going to be a game changer for me and I don't know how to thank you enough. You really know your stuff! Once again thank you for your wonderful courses. I can tell you that every penny I spent on it was well worth it.
Arno, CELTA trainee
Good morning Jo! I finished the grammar course this morning, and needed to tell you how useful it's already been and will continue to be for me. I just finished a distance MA in Tesol and felt that your course was genuinely more helpful for my daily teaching, confidence and knowledge (it was 200 times cheaper too!) It was very practical and interesting and I will recommend it far and wide whenever the subject of grammar comes up in conversation. The content and your manner of teaching and explaining it really left an impression. It will certainly improve my own teaching immeasurably. Thank you so much both for the course and the weekly emails which I'll continue to look forward to every Sunday.
Jack, MA TESOL graduate
Hi Jo, I came across one of your videos on YouTube and I fell in love with the way you explain the English language, it reminded me of the first 2 years I spent in the UK studying English in Oxford, you are a wonderful teacher. Yesterday, I did the CELTA Interview and I got a place to do the CELTA course sometime this year, I decided to take your grammar course in order to refresh some of my knowledge, it is a wonderful course and the interface you use online is wonderful. I’m so glad I found you, any advise you can give will be greatly appreciated.
Diego, CELTA candidate
Hi Jo. I stumbled onto your site with a Google search mid panic with the first CELTA assignment. Let me just say that it has been an absolute God-send! It is the only digital resource I will recommend to others as it is so comprehensive... Thanks for being my personal coach!
Natasha, CELTA trainee
Jo, I wanted to say a massive thank you! I attended your Taster session last September and you inspired me to apply for the CELTA at Warwick. I also completed several of your ELT Training courses and they were absolutely fantastic!!! I don't think I would have passed the CELTA (currently with a provisonal grade A) had it not been for the preparation, knowledge and understanding I acquired by completing your online courses.
Fiona, CELTA graduate
Jo, this is great, thank you so much! I actually used your materials to help my trainees. They found your site easy to navigate and your tutorials informative without being too complicated. Perfect for teachers who are not native speakers.
Liz, CELTA trainer
ELT-Training's most popular course

Grammar for Language Teachers

It's a really common problem for people who want to take CELTA that they speak the language completely fluently but don't know the nomenclature of the language or how it fits together. If you want to teach the language, you need to know this and this course 'Grammar for Language Teachers' has helped hundreds of trainees get to grips with it!
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Our most popular course for in-service teachers

Teaching Grammar Communicatively

Many teachers- both novice and not-so novice - struggle to present grammar well. If this rings true for you, this brand new course can help. It's all about HOW to teach grammar to make it interesting, interactive and useful for learners.
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Exciting group programme

VoiCE - Video Creation for Educators

A motivating, hands-on eight week programme to develop your educational video making skills in a small group environment.
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