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I've been receiving the links to your videos and I'm very impressed with the work you have done. We recommend these videos to our trainees on a regular basis by sending them the links before as well as during the course!
Magda, CELTA Trainer
I’ve just been accepted to the CELTA course here at the British Council in Singapore and will commence next Monday. I was introduced to your website by the interviewer to help remove some of the rust off of my grammar. So far, it’s been absolutely amazing and would definitely recommend it to my friends.
Xavier, CELTA candidate
I finished my Celta in September 2017 so I refer to your videos if I'm in any doubt about how to approach a lesson. They have been very useful to me these past few weeks.
Melody, Novice teacher
Thank you so much for your prompt feedback. I’ve enrolled in the course now. I really like the items on the site and they’re a big help to me. In fact I’ve recommended your website to many of my colleagues. Last month, I got my CELTA certificate, and I’m still using your site when I plan and prepare my lessons, and give training sessions to my fellow teachers. Again, thank you so much for your great work.
发自我的, CELTA graduate
I had been struggling to find a grammar review tool that was at the right level. The resources I had been using were either too simplistic/low-level or far too detailed to serve as a useful review. Your course seems to have achieved the perfect balance. I am finding it tremendously helpful and have no doubt that I will review it several times before my course starts. My compliments on your fine work!
Paul, CELTA candidate
Thank you so much for some fantastic online teaching ideas! The switch to online teaching has been quite a challenge and your courses are so helpful.
Shabana, EFL teacher
Hi Ms. Gakonga, What a pleasure to receive every week your news, your ideas, thougths, suggestions ... Despite all my daily "neverending" tasks (family, my mother , etc... ) and, besides now in this "Coronavirus" epoch, I will find time to follow you in detail; actually I finished my last two Celta Teaching Practice last Wednesday and I'm so happy about it. Looking forward to hearing from you I do thank you so much. My kindest regards.
Monica, Celta graduate
I find your video on teaching online very encouraging and inspiring as well as the latest class on how to not procrastinate. It's been such a good reminder of the fact that I have some tasks I just neglect. Like 'sit down and acknowledge there ARE things you have been trying to escape'. Yes, my mind has been so inventive in both making excuses and 'forgetting' what really matters to me. And, of course, this is a very helpful exercise in planning my lessons. I look forward to your next Sunday digest. Thank you so much for your help!
Renata, EFL teacher
Hi Jo…Many thanks for getting back to me.I have started going through your eBook and videos, and I must say that you make everything so easy to understand! What a joy to be able to digest the CELTA jargon in bite-size pieces! Have a great weekend.
Sneh, Celta trainee
Thank you for your weekly emails, I think it's lovely of you to find ways of helping us to improve our teaching. I passed my Celta course at Easter this year and found your Grammar online course really helpful. It was great meeting you in person when you visited Adult Education Wolverhampton and I forgot to say how much I liked all the photos of animals, especially dogs in the Grammar course and also how thorough you were explaining grammar. You made the concepts very accessible for me and I actually enjoyed learning grammar. I have you to thank for helping me pass my grammar assignment on the Celta course and although I've not had the chance to put my teaching skills into use since, I really related to that line you wrote about being a new teacher and not feeling confident with grammar.
Carol, CELTA graduate
I found your video on YouTube; it came when I searched for interview tips for the CELTA. I thought the interview would be more like a job interview and that the grammar would be taught as you go along. Then I watched your video of interview tips, swore loudly when you said it would also be grammar focused. Then I saw your course has around seven hours of content; it was midnight, my interview was at ten the next morning, it seemed to fit.
I should say a big thank you; I got onto the CELTA course! Knowing the proper words for the present perfect and present continuous and being able to talk a little about phrasal verbs in the interview was really helpful, I think that swung it for me... 
I really enjoyed the course - by which I mean, grammar is usually unpleasant and tricky, but your explanations made things clear and not painful. As I have 10 days before I start, I’ll definitely be back to revise the course, and finish off the bits I didn’t quite get to.
Sami, CELTA trainee
I finally had a breakthrough on Sunday (after about 20 years!!) about teaching simple intonation patterns to my learners who are overseas doctors preparing to work in the NHS. As you can imagine intonation is key to their effective communication with patients and relatives, from the initial How are you today? to delivering bad news and expressing empathy and providing reassurance. There is so little 'accessible' info on teaching intonation, and I've been struggling for years to develop materials in this area. So watching your video on intonation was a real light bulb moment. I may have done my CELTA 20 years ago, but I'd still not fully grasped this aspect of ELT until now. While I may not be able to predict every possible exchange my learners are likely to encounter (sarcasm would still be an issue I fear), I can at least provide them with a basic understanding to help prepare them for life in a busy A&E. Thank you!
Ros, Medical English specialist
So far, I’m finding this material very inspiring. I can’t wait to share what I’m learning with my colleagues. What really attracted me to this course was your emphasis on the pedagogical aspect. I’ve been dipping in and out of your videos on when I’ve had time (which wasn’t often.) But, as summer approaches, my aim is to give all my attention to studying this website. I find all of your videos really interesting and helpful. Thank you for all your work. And I really appreciate that I can email you if I have questions.
Ellen, efl teacher
I've been training English teachers for over 10 years and I'm glad to say that you have been a good friend and teacher of mine during this period. I always get the updates of your videos and play them in my classes. My students love you so much and we have learned a lot from you. Thank you very much for your generosity and keeping up up-to minute on the latest issues in ELT training. I've always had it in my mind to email you and thank you for all you do for the ELT community all around the world... Thank you any way for your sincere efforts.
Fateme, Teacher trainer
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