Aug 21

Why YOUR institution needs a Video Creator

video creation for educators
Abby Croucher - VoiCE participant

Whatever kind of educational establishment you work in, video is a powerful tool.
Whether it’s for supporting and supplementing existing courses, setting up for the asynchronous courses to sell as an additional product or promoting the institution, video is the key.

Abby's employer saw the value in upskilling staff and in being able to make professional looking video in-house at a fraction of the cost that it would take to employ a consultant freelancer. Hear her story here.

Video transcript

Hi, my name is Abby and I work here (at Lewis School of English)

The bulk of my job is dedicated to designing and delivering online teacher training courses and I've been doing that for a few years, now. When I started out I tinkered with video making but very quickly reached the limits of what I could do without dedicated support. I already knew about Jo's amazing website and her VoiCE course and then I met her at the IATEFLconference. It didn't take me long to realize that this was the person who could mentor me, support me and take my skills to a whole new level. I didn't need convincing, but as it would be financed by the school, I thought my boss might!

Dear Alistair
Reasons why this course will be good for the school:
1. It will take our course videos to another level in times of professionalism.
2. It will build on our collective skill sets at the school.
3. It means we can create instructional content as well as promotional content.
4. We can use it for so much more than just our online courses.
5. The fees include a software license which will be super handy.
Pretty please?


Or something to that effect. I anxiously waited for his reply and then it came - just three words:

Go for it!

Fast forward 8 weeks and as part of the VoiCE course, I've already created two videos that are ready to be used for work purposes and I've got so many ideas for different directions we can go in using video content.

I've personally benefited from Jo's support, tips and tricks and incredibly detailed and personalized feedback. And in turn, my school is benefitting. So the ROI is NOW, not in months or years from now.

But also, this course hasn't just given me skills, it's given me a real passion for video making. So I'm incredibly grateful that my school decided to invest in me, but I'm also incredibly grateful to Jo for a well-structured and superbly delivered course.

If you're thinking of taking the calls or approaching someone at work, to see if they'll invest in you, I wouldn't hesitate to use the words of my boss.

'Go for it!'

I hope this gives you a bit of an insight and understanding as to the levels, and if you want great ideas for teaching at all levels and head over to my website for lots of inspiration, methodology, ideas and activities.
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