Newsletter 2021#15

Newsletter 2021 #15
Good morning

I had such a lot of lovely replies to last week's newsletter- thanks for all of the ideas for job titles - 'Teacher Gardener' was one I particularly liked and 'Guru' was suggested by several people -I can only assume with tongue in cheek! First week of freelancing is going well - I'm away in Scotland this week and realising that I can happily take my work with me wherever I this space to see where I end up.

I've got a bit of a ragbag for you today. There's no particular theme but I'm hoping to have something for everyone! A few thoughts about teacher 'echo' and IRF for novice teachers, a new video about the role of a CELTA assessor when they visit a centre (for trainees or for tutors to share) and some interesting articles about classroom research for those of you with a bit more experience under your belts. Here we go...

Something from the CELTA Toolkit
This week, on a CELTA course that I'm training on, we were talking about teacher echo and it reminded me of a lovely MA student I had a while ago who did some research on this and prompted me to make a video about Teacher Echo and IRF. Looking at it again, it has some useful thoughts (I think!), so am dusting it off again here for your delight! 

Sneak Preview
I've been a CELTA assessor for about 8 years now, I've assessed in over 50 centres and I think it's a useful system and helps to ensure that CELTA courses are remarkably standard in very different centres all over the world. CELTA tutors do tell the course participants about the purpose of the visit, but I often see misinformation on Facebook about this so I thought I'd make a little video to (hopefully) give some insight into what an assessor does. If you're interested, it's here.

Resource from the net
Finally, something a bit more 'meaty' for you. I've mentioned the English Teaching professional magazine and their free collections before, but thought that I'd put another one in your path. This one is all about using research to inform your teaching, and before you roll your eyes, or tell me that you haven't got the time to do research in your classroom or actually have much interest in it anyway, I'd urge you to read one or two of these articles- they might change your mind. The ones I particularly liked in this collection are:

  • Search and research - Julian Edge (about small scale realisations as research- puts things in a helpful perspective, I think)
  • The importance of research - Russell Mayne (I've mentioned Russ before but I love his approach)
  • Individualised CPD via classroom research - Silvana Richardson (a great idea for more meaningful in-service collective development in a school)

Feel free to let me know how you get on with any of these and I'll be back next Sunday,


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