Newsletter 2021#20

Newsletter 2021 #20
Good morning

Good morning I hope that you've had a good week. I'm feeling a bit despondent, I'm afraid. We had a holiday to Portugal planned for next week but the new amber restrictions have put paid to that, so I'm still here in the UK and planning a camping trip instead.... at least it's sunny at the moment! This week, I have a bit of a focus on lesson planning for you.

Something old
If you are planning lessons, there's a very good chance that you'll be using a coursebook. I made this a while ago when I was experimenting with the 'drawing hand' video technique that Videoscribe offers and it's an analogy between course books and recipe books. See if you agree with my thoughts on this and feel free to let me know!

Something new
I'm working on an online CELTA course at the moment and my group and I were talking about planning this week, and the difficulty of making the activities in your lesson fit into the time that you have, so my 'something new' this week is a few practical ideas on planning lessons so that they finish on time. I hope that it's helpful, particularly if you're a novice teacher.

Something Borrowed
There's such a lot out there for lesson planning ideas and I tend to only put free material in this section, but I'm making an exception this week because if you don't know about these resources, you should, and they're really affordable. The Round is (in the words of their website) 'an independent collective of creative individuals in English language teaching'. They say that it 'arose from a series of conversations about bridging the gap between blogs and books – and about the difficulty of placing innovative, niche or critical materials with the big ELT publishers'. There's a really wide range of ebooks from the very practical (such as 100 Activities for Fast Finishers) to the more radical (such as 52). Check one out and see what you think.

Have a good week and see you next Sunday.


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