Newsletter 2021#25

Newsletter 2021 #25

Good morning


Welcome back to my weekly newsletter! I've had a bit of a break over the summer (although I've still been quite busy...) with a couple of lovely camping trips to Wales and now I'm back, making videos and finding interesting things for you to read, watch and ponder over your Sunday coffee.

First thing up today is a new Inspirational ELT story. Rob Burton fits this bill, I think, because he has had such a varied life and I thought that his story might be interesting for those of you who want to know more about working in China...


Something old

There's a bit of a 'feedback' theme going on today in my usual three sections. This video isn't exactly 'old' - I made it during the summer, but in case you missed it, here are four ideas for the really important skill of giving feedback on controlled practice activities and how you can do that online in a more learner-centred way.


Something new

Error correction is such an important part of teaching and I've been thinking about a little series of videos on this for a while so having a bit of time over the summer prompted me to do something about it. There turned out to be quite a bit to say, so I made three videos that cover some ideas on why to correct, what to correct and how to correct. You can find all three here. They're aimed mainly at those of you at the start of your teaching journey - hope you find them helpful.

Something borrowed

Finally, I thought that for my 'borrowed' section, I'd stay with the theme of feedback but maybe angle it a bit more at those of you with a bit more experience. This blog post from International House is all about giving feedback on emergent language and if you're not sure what that is, just click the link to find out!


Hope that you find something here to interest you and do hit reply and say 'hi' if you missed me!

See you next week,




PS If you're looking for a teaching job in a school in Moscow that I know to be very reputable, the information is here :)

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