Newsletter 2021#31

Newsletter 2021 #31

Good morning

I've got a great newsletter for you this morning with a theme of Continuing Professional Development. Maybe that's always my underlying theme, but it seems to be a bit more specific this week.

Something old

A few years ago I decided that I'd like to put up something on the site that acted as a bookmark (and a reminder to myself, too - I'm getting old and forgetful...) of some of the great sites I've come across for teachers. I put it up as Ideas and resources for busy teachers It's free (obviously!) and has sections for sites that have lesson plans, sites for learners to encourage autonomy and sites with useful CPD for you. Check it out and try out at least one site that you haven't seen before.

Something new

My new video this week has a similar bent but it's specifically aimed at you if you've just finished your CELTA (although I think it would be great for all novice teachers) and includes a wider range of ideas for moving along the ELT road. HINT- this will be invaluable if you are writing your Lessons from the Classroom assignment and have to say what you plan to do to develop after the course.

Something borrowed

Finally this week, my 'something borrowed' is a blog from Jim Fuller, who calls himself the ELT Sponge. He's got all sorts of interesting stuff including lesson plans and interviews with various ELT folk. The part I really liked, though, was his 'review' section. He's clearly someone who is committed to his own further development and reads a lot. Some of the books in this section I've read and others not, but it inspired me to go to Amazon and look for one or two of them! Hope you get something out of it too.

Right, that's it for this week. Hope you have a great one and don't forget that if you want to see my Greek adventures, I'm still posting very regularly on Instagram at elttraining.



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