Newsletter 2022#01

Newsletter 2022 #01

Good morning

Welcome back! It's lovely to be writing to you again and I hope that you had a great break.

Well...(drum roll). This week is really exciting for me because it marks TEN YEARS since I started A whole decade! How did that happen?! I launched the site on Friday 13th January 2012 and had absolutely no idea at that time of what it would become. It started out as an interesting hobby but is now my main income and a hugely rewarding part of my life.

I've been thinking about how to mark the occasion in some way and decided that a gift would be appropriate. So here it is. For the next eight days only (ends next Sunday) I am offering a huge discount on my newest, and I think in many ways my most useful, course.  If you'd like to take your grammar teaching to the next level, Teaching Grammar Communicatively is for you. It's the area of ELT that many teachers feel is their Achilles Heel, so treat yourself to some CPD for the new year! For this week only, you can have it at a 50% discount. Happy Anniversary to me!


Something old

It's not exactly New Year's Resolutions, but I made a video a while ago with an idea for teaching modals and functional exponents of obligation with a 'To Do' list and it's a great lesson topic for a new year, so try it out with your classes and see how it goes. Very low preparation, very high output in a face to face or online environment.


Something new

Continuing with the New Year theme, this week's new video is a bit of a motivational one to help you to focus on goals for 2022.

What are your CPD plans for this year? Haven't got any yet? Maybe this will help to jog you along.


Something borrowed

And finally, if you ARE thinking about trying something new this year, I wanted to alert you to the Electronic Village Online (EVO). It's a fantastic organisation and every year at about this time, they offer FREE courses on all sorts of English language teaching topics including Classroom based research, Designing materials for Business English, Moodle for teachers, Mindfulness and Video based mobile learning. This is time sensitive because registration for this year closes TODAY and courses start tomorrow!

BUT don't be put off by the time frame. These are MOOCs (Massive, Open Online Courses), so how much you participate is really up to you and the courses are largely self-access. Check it out and see if you could learn something useful.


That's it from me for this week. I hope that 2022 brings you all that you would wish yourself and I'll be back next week with more for you.




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