Ten Top Tips for Online CELTA TP #6

Ten Top Tips for Online CELTA Teaching Practice
#6 - Planning Well
This is the sixth of ten videos with a collection of the best advice for online CELTA from a range of highly experienced CELTA trainers. This tip is about planning your lessons and not overusing PPT!

If you're doing an online CELTA course and you want some great ideas for your teaching practice, then listen up, I've got some good ones for you. This is part of a series of 10 and this one is number six.

I'm Jo Gakonga from ELT training.com and I asked a whole raft of my CELTA tutor friends for their best ideas for online teaching practice. This is the result. In this video, we're going to talk about how to plan brilliantly, so that your lesson goes well. If you find this useful, then please like it and check out my site for lots and lots of other useful materials.

One of the issues that many tutors mentioned was the issue of trainees getting very involved in making very beautiful PowerPoints at the expense of their plan. So this top tip really is to focus on your plan. First, prioritize your plan - your PowerPoint’s a secondary thing. It's nice to have a good PowerPoint but better to have a good plan.

In honesty, the problem can be that if you spend a lot of time on your PowerPoint, it can end up being a bit ‘Death by PowerPoint’. Not only that, but you've spent so much time in making that beautiful that you don't want to deviate from it, maybe it's difficult to deviate from it because it's so structured. And you need always to think about teaching your learners not teaching your plan. As one trainer said, it's no good painting the Sistine Chapel, it just needs to be reasonable. If you've put all that effort into your PowerPoint, you're not going to want to change it. So just bear that in mind.

Having said that, it is nice to have good images and you can get these from Pixabay, Morgue file or Canva. You can make your PowerPoints look very nice quite easily. You can also reuse slides, edit them and change them and that will save you time. A snipping tool can also be very helpful for taking small pieces of text or pictures that you want to use and including them into your PowerPoint.

I hope that those few ideas have been helpful, and I'll see you in the next video. Thanks for watching. Bye.
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