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Things I wish I’d known before CELTA - thoughts from CELTA trainees

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What I wish I’d known before I did CELTA
As an experienced CELTA tutor and assessor, when I ask CELTA trainees what they wish they'd known before they started the course, I get some very common responses. Can you guess what they are? Think of your top four ideas and then watch this video to see if they match my experiences.

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Video transcript

I’ve been a CELTA tutor for over 20 years and assessed hundreds of courses in over 70 centres worldwide, so I’ve spoken to a LOT of CELTA trainees and when I ask them what they wish they’d known BEFORE they started the course, this is the kind of thing I hear…

I wish I’d known more about grammar. I honestly thought that because I spoke and wrote good English that would be enough but I knew NOTHING - I thought an article (inverted comas) was something you read in a magazine….

If I’d known more about lesson planning beforehand, I think it wouldn’t have taken me so long to write each plan during the course – that was the killer.

Language analysis
What do I wish I’d known? How to analyse language. If I’d understood how to look at tenses and other language forms and be able to break them down into their meaning form and pronunciation and see what was difficult for the learners, it would really have helped.

The thing that was hard for me was concept checking questions. Making up questions to check learners had understood what we were teaching. We were taught how to do them on the CELTA course, but it all went by so fast and there was so much to take on board. If I’d known a bit before, I’d have been less confused.

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