Who are you?

Another great communication activity....
Who are you?
Sometimes, it's hard to get a class to ask each other questions- they might feel shy- or they might already know each other quite well! This activity takes very little preparation, is great fun and will give them lots of practice in forming questions and speaking fluently.

Asking questions is a really important part of making conversation and learning a language but it can be a bit difficult or embarrassing to ask personal questions to a partner. I’m Jo Gakonga from ELT-Training with an idea that can help with this,  and add a bit of fun to your class. It’s called ‘Who are you?’

You’ll need a picture of a person- not a famous people, but maybe an image that’s a bit interesting. You can easily find these copyright free on Pixabay or Unsplash. Here are some examples I found as examples.

Show the class the picture and ask them to work in a group of three to write down questions to ask this person – where are you from? How long have you been playing the guitar? Did you walk there? Where are you? Do you have a family? Kids? Are you on holiday? If you are online, you can do this in breakout rooms.

Now nominate ONE person in the group to swap to another group. They take on the role of the person in the picture and a new group ask them their questions. The role player can answer however they like. Tell them to use their imaginations!

If you wanted to extend this, you could then re-group back to the original three and ask the two questioners to report back on what they ‘found out’ or get them to write about the man for homework. Hope that you have fun with it.
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