May 25

Will AI kill 'real' video making?

teaching with AI...

Can AI make videos for you? Yes... but NO!

AI has changed everything and there are many sites that will take your script and make a video out of them - BUT - will it help your potential customers to know, like and trust you? I don't think so. Watch the video to find out why and if you're interested in making REAL video, check out my Video Creation for Educators programme below...

Video transcript

AI has changed EVERYTHING – there’s no doubt about it and there are loads of sites now, like this one, that say they can make videos for you in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it if you filmed and edited it.

Here’s an example – great looking avatars, a wide range of voices – super-simple to use. So why do you need to know how to make video when AI will do it for you?

I’m Jo Gakonga, I’m a teacher and a teacher educator – CELTA and MA TESOL tutor and I run a website at where I make video based training and development material for teachers at all stages of their careers.

I also run a group programme there called Video Creation for Educators which pretty much does what it says on the tin, so you might think that the advent of tools like synthesia had me crying into my coffee cup.

Not a bit of it and I’ll tell you why.

Let me give you a little analogy to show you what I mean.

My dad has one of those electric fires that looks like a real one- flames and coal and everything. It turns on at the flick of a switch, it heats the room, does the job with minimum effort and you get the same result every time. There’s a place for fires like this and my dad finds his really convenient….


it’s not a real fire….. Real fires take more skill and time to make and the quality is much more variable, but when they’re good, you can’t beat one.

The electric fire is functional, but you’re not going to be snuggling up around it with your loved one on a winters evening. You’re not going to look forward to it, you’re not going to be toasting marshmallows over it and remembering evenings spent around it.

This for me, is the same as videos created by AI. If there’s a simple, functional training objective such as teaching someone how to use a particular software, then it’s fine. In fact, it’s probably the best option. But if you want to engage an audience, bring people into your world, show them that you can help them, build that ‘know/ like/ trust’ that makes people want to work with you, buy from you, then the real YOU is the only thing that’s going to work.

I’m interested in your thoughts…. Leave me a message below and if you need some help in making videos that are more like real fires and less like the electric version, have a look at my VoiCE programme and see how you can monetize the teaching skills you have.

See you there.

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