Coaching for the Classroom

A structured programme of one-to-one coaching sessions and self-paced reflection activities designed to develop your classroom practice and promote your teaching career.

If you're reading this, you're probably not new to ELT-Training. Maybe you've watched some of my videos, maybe you've done one or more of my courses, maybe you've been getting my weekly newsletter and enjoying it. Have you ever thought...
"I love Jo's approach - I wish I could work with her on
a one-to-one basis to develop my teaching..."
Well, now you can!
This course is for you if you:
  • like my approach and would like to work with me 1-2-1
  • want to examine and develop your classroom practice
  • are proactive about your continuing professional development
In the course, we'll meet to discuss your context and needs, you'll record and share an extract of one of your lessons and I'll give you personalised oral and written feedback to help you to progress towards your goals. As an optional extra you will also have access to a structured reflection programme designed to help you become more aware of your practice.

Why take this course?

One-to-one coaching

An opportunity for an unhurried conversation with an experienced and empathetic teacher educator.  I'm here to help you progress your teaching goals - I'm on your side.

Targeted feedback

Be observed by and receive personalised feedback from an independent professional. Not a tutor or a line manager or for a mark, just for your own development

Reflection challenges

Get the guidance, support and motivation you need to really examine and reflect on what you do in the classroom

Promote your career

Applying for a new job? Make this part of your portfolio/ include it on your CV as evidence of your pro-active approach

Flexible course structure

Move through the sessions at your own pace, access the refection challenges or not as you wish, supplementary meetings available for a reasonable additional charge

Money back guarantee

If you're not happy after the first introductory Zoom session, I'll give you a full refund - no quibles
This is a bit different to my other courses. Check out the video for a brief introduction.

How will the course run?

  1. Initial meeting on Zoom at a mutually convenient time to discuss your context, your objectives for development and agree a timetable for subsequent meetings and activities. 
  2. Over the next week you reflect on the area/s of development you would like to focus on (see stage 6 for further support with this).
  3. Second pre-observation meeting with support for choosing a focus area to work on and ideas for a suitable lesson plan to tease this out.
  4. You record and share with me an extract of one of your classes.
  5. Final post-observation meeting for oral feedback on the lesson and discussion about future goals, followed by written feedback and a certificate of completion that you can include in a portfolio and use as a permanent record of your teaching development.
  6. At any time throughout or following the course, you can take advantage of a structured, self-paced programme of exercises to help you examine and reflect on your own classroom practice. (Optional and free!)
  7. If you have found the course valuable and would like to pursue it further, supplementary pre and post observation meetings are available for a reasonable additional charge.
The course is designed to run over three to four weeks (just an hour a week of your time), but really this is quite flexible and the amount of effort you put in is entirely up to you.

Why is reflection important?

It's easy to say that you already reflect about your teaching, but the truth of the matter is that it's a challenge. Yes, you think a bit about your lesson, but do you do this in a structured, rigorous way? Probably not.

The optional guided programme of reflection challenges will help to make you really think about your practice and motivate you to improve it.

Good for your development

Whilst there are other courses you can do, books you can read, webinars you can attend, reflecting on your practice will help you to develop in ways that are meaningful to you

Good for your learners

If you, as a teacher, are conscious of what you are doing, and thinking about your development, you'll also think more about your learners and their needs

Good for you!

Reflection and development will help you to stay interested in your work, keeping you happier, more creative and helping to prevent burnout


The experience of being observed by Jo and then getting her feedback was both reassuring and transformationally challenging. I got affirmation that some of my stronger aspects were indeed good… while the bad habits and mistakes I knew I’d made, Jo unerringly spotted. The transformational bit was hearing about ways to improve my lessons which hadn’t occurred to me, or related to things I didn’t know I was doing. Jo gave clear, powerful, personal and (crucially) actionable feedback. When you get feedback from Jo, you know what you need to do next… Jo delivers her insights openly and frankly, but kindly. You can feel and see that it’s all coming from vast experience and knowledge about what really works, what doesn’t, and why. You can also call see that it’s all about outcomes. Jo wants your lessons to feel better, and she wants your students to learn more English from you, more confidently and efficiently. And she delivers.
Glyn Ryland
Jo’s feedback was invaluable. She encouraged me to identify my own strengths and weaknesses and was constructive in suggesting clear areas for improvement and supporting me to achieve these. Jo has a wealth of experience and this means she knows what makes an outstanding teacher, instilling total confidence in her trainees. I am certain that it is Jo’s encouragement to constantly reflect on my practice that has led me to be so successful in my career since; I continue to use many of the strategies she taught me in my teaching now. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking to develop their practice.
Alice McMahon
Jo kickstarted my passion for teaching. She has an enthusiasm that is contagious and I have no doubt had it not been for her feedback on my teaching practice I would not be the teacher I am today. She gives honest feedback really focused on how to improve. She gave me confidence and creative inspiration. She has shared the most incredible ideas/resources for lessons and I use them regularly. I still watch every video she releases because I know it will be full of real ideas and activities that can be used in my lessons. I often recommend her to colleagues, however most of them have already heard of her and are just as big as fan as I am!
Nathan Cook
Jo’s mentorship and constructive feedback were integral to my learning and growth and her rich experience in the teaching community leaves little scope for any gaps in comprehensive learning. She employed creative methods and ways to help refine my teaching process and made learning fun! Jo and her course materials are sure to take you far ahead in your journey; have faith that you are in the right hands!
Anshika Kumar
What struck me from the very start, throughout the course and to this day years later was the clarity of the feedback Jo provided. I don't think I'm short of creativity however I can struggle to see the bigger picture at times. Jo was able to break down the learners’ needs for me and effectively explain to me how I can better teach the students. She is always able to get to the crux of the issue and help teachers to understand the reason they teach something, the method they could teach it with and the desired result thereafter. On top of all this, she inspired me to become a better teacher.
Tom Madeley
As a novice teacher at secondary and tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, I must say that I have been deeply inspired by Jo’s interactive and thought-provoking teaching strategies which have certainly expanded my imagination on becoming a TESOL practitioner. With her comprehensive feedback and professional advice on my teaching, I am more confident in conducting as well as reviewing my lessons in a more learner-centred, interactive and effective way so as to cater for multicultural learners with various needs and interests.
Yim Kwai
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