Grammar for Language Teachers

Learn grammar terminology so you can be confident in the classroom, ace your CELTA and be the teacher your learners deserve.
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Course overview
Widely recommended by CELTA tutors!
On this course, you will learn:
  • Why a good working knowledge of grammar is essential for teaching language
  • The terms and nomenclature of all parts of speech explained simply and comprehensively
  • How verb tenses work including passive and active forms
  • In depth coverage of areas that are difficult for learners (and teachers!)  and how to explain
This course is invaluable for pre-CELTA preparation - higher grades at CELTA demand good knowledge of language. Take the headache out of it and give yourself the best chance of success.

Course includes

Over 7 hours of video tutorials (in bite-size chunks!)
Quizzes to help you practice
Downloadable template and examples
Easy access on all devices
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Reviews from trainees
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Thank you so much for your absolutely brilliant web site and training videos! I started the English grammar one last night and am already finding it a godsend... Not only your explanations but your genuine enjoyment permeates the presentations...  It's so interesting to have not just the grammar itself but that whole concept, which immediately makes me aware of how I must teach that to students where their assumptions might differ - and make it fun!
Kate, CELTA candidate
Yes it is true we promote your course! When we interview potential trainees who don't have much grammar awareness, we accept them on condition they do your Grammar for Teachers course before the CELTA starts. One of our current trainees (with special educational needs) is likely pulling through thanks to your course... the other is doing really well, although she didn't do so well on the pre-Interview task, which is why we suggested your course and it has done her wonders.
Nicole, CELTA tutor
I have been using your site for a number of years now. I can’t remember how I found you but I love your grammar videos and have often used your ideas in class, my favourite being the past continuous lesson where you use the cuisenaire rods. My adult students love it, especially when the spaceship lands I use an orange. They also love the repetition and it successfully teaches them the grammar – they seem to understand it afterwards. 
Annabel, EFL teacher
I am starting an online Celta course soon, and it was the course tutor who recommended your website. I am so glad they did because it's so useful! I feel like I am actually getting the grammar stuff thanks to your very informative website. No books would have helped me the same way your online courses do, so thank you!... Will definitely recommend to anyone wanting to do a CELTA in the future.
Abdullah, CELTA candidate
I just wanted to let you know that I found your resources really great for helping me get through the CELTA course I did in Paris a few years ago. One of the assessors recommended it and it was invaluable. I'm a native English speaker who has an excellent handle on the language but I was amazed to find out how little I understood of grammar which was a big stress for me during CELTA. So thank you and keep doing what you do!
Bree, CELTA graduate
I never had the chance to fully convey this but I found your Grammar for English Teachers course immensely helpful during the leadup to my CELTA back in 2016, and I continue to recommend it to new CELTA trainees that I meet in the course of my work. Thanks again for the fantastic resource!
Justin, CELTA graduate
Course Contents
ELT-Training's most popular course for in-service teachers

Teaching Grammar Communicatively

Many teachers- both novice and not-so novice - struggle to present grammar well. If this rings true for you, this course can help. It's all about HOW to teach grammar to make it interesting, interactive and useful for learners.
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