Reflection Challenge

A structured programme of self-paced reflection activities designed to develop your classroom practice 

Why is reflection important?

It's easy to say that you already reflect about your teaching, but the truth of the matter is that it's a challenge. Yes, you think a bit about your lesson, but do you do this in a structured, rigorous way? Probably not.

The guided programme of reflection challenges will help to make you really think about your practice and motivate you to improve it.

Good for your development

Whilst there are other courses you can do, books you can read, webinars you can attend, reflecting on your practice will help you to develop in ways that are meaningful to you

Good for your learners

If you, as a teacher, are conscious of what you are doing, and thinking about your development, you'll also think more about your learners and their needs

Good for you!

Reflection and development will help you to stay interested in your work, keeping you happier, more creative and helping to prevent burnout
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