The Ultimate Guide to CELTA Success

There are lots of resources online that will claim to tell you 'how to get a CELTA Pass A'. Here is the REAL lowdown from an experienced CELTA tutor- Top tips to help you achieve your best potential result!
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I am from Brazil... and one of the tutors for the CELTA here, sent me your email offering the Ultimate Guide. I am taking the CELTA next February. I am pretty grateful, impressed and enchanted by your work! I was a bit lost and had a feeling to get settled but didn't know where to start. After getting to know your work I am motivated and excited to be better prepared to absorb everything CELTA has to offer. I do really appreciate your method and I believe you are helping me be more self confident. The Ultimate Guide was a life savior to me, a gift and an inspiration.
Heidi, CELTA candidate
Hi Jo, I just wanted to say a big thank you for all of the extremely useful content on your ELT-Training website. I am starting my CELTA course tomorrow, it was postponed in May due to the pandemic so it’s certainly been a long time coming! I’ve found the Ultimate Guide to CELTA Success really helpful and informative. I love the tone and manner in which you deliver your videos, you are a fountain of knowledge and so calming! In turn this keeps me calm and gives me confidence that I can ‘learn’ the ‘minefield’ that is English Grammar and fulfill my potential on this course. I look forward to your future newsletters and the support these will undoubtably offer. 
Jo, CELTA candidate
You are awesomely awesome. Without Elt-training website, I would never pass my CELTA course. Thanks a lot, professor.
CELTA graduate
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