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Do your grammar classes look like this?

Let me paint a picture for you. You know the language and how it fits together and you prepare carefully so that you can answer the learners' questions, but somehow when you try to explain it, everything becomes a bit of a lecture. They look at you in silence as you explain and you want to make it more interactive and useful, but you don't know how. 

Teaching Grammar Communicatively can help!

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Learners WANT to learn grammar...

  ...but in an interesting way!

Ask learners the question, 'What do you want to learn and they ALWAYS say 'grammar and speaking'... and as an English language teacher, it's crucial to impart grammar skills in a meaningful and effective way. 
Teaching Grammar Communicatively will equip you with the tools and techniques to engage your students and make grammar lessons practical AND enjoyable. Discover innovative teaching methods, real-life examples, and interactive activities to create dynamic grammar lessons that stick. 
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See what a Director of Studies says about the course

"..emphasis on a student centred approach..
It changed my perspective...
..it acts as a springboard...
I always find myself referring back to it when I teach grammar.."

Teaching Grammar Communicatively is ELT-Training's signature offer and most popular course for teachers. It includes over 2 hours of video tutorials with downloadable frameworks, lesson plans, example video extracts and lots of practical ideas for great teaching contexts.
Teaching grammar is an essential part of the job - learn to make it the part that both you and your learners love!
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If you avoid teaching pronunciation, you're not alone.....

Pronunciation is an area that MANY teachers I talk to feel seriously underconfident about. 

Maybe you don't know WHAT to teach?

Maybe you don't know HOW to teach it?


If you've looked through the internet and wished that you could just find a friendly, engaging and knowledgeable someone who would sit down with you and tell you all about teaching pronunciation, without assuming too much, without being patronising, this is the course for you. 

I have put together everything I know about pronunciation -and that's quite a bit over 30 odd years of teaching English and training teachers on CELTA and MA TESOL courses!

The course includes:

  • Background Philosophy about Pronunciation - what holds learners back and the whole interesting can of worms about pronunciation and identity.
  • Theoretical Overview  -from the basics of the phonemic chart to more sophisticated aspects of pronunciation
  • Practical Activities - All of my favourite, tried and tested ideas for incorporating pronunciation into your everyday class practice. Lots of great take-it-to-the-class ideas!

It's designed to take you from the beginning of things and give you a really thorough grounding so that you feel not only confident and happy about teaching pronunciation but really enthusiastic. Your learners will appreciate it too!

What else does ELT-Training have to offer?


to take straight into the classroom!


to keep your learners engaged and teach them more... with minimal extra preparation!


exercises to raise your awareness of your own practice in class - and improve it!

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Let's start with PRACTICAL IDEAS...

The shift to online teaching has brought new challenges, but also new opportunities and if you want support with adapting to an often 1-2-1 environment and a whole raft of tried and tested lesson ideas, this is for you!

Inspirational Ideas for Teaching Online

This course will empower you to thrive in the virtual classroom. There are engaging activities with downloadable materials to enable you to deliver high-quality online lessons with confidence. Gain the skills and inspiration to create dynamic, effective and memorable online lessons. 

Unlock your potential as an online teacher 

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It's simply the best, most versatile, useful, communicative activity I know! Yes, it's really that good! It practices listening, speaking and writing and is useful for holistic development of grammar and vocabulary. And it's fun!
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Exploiting Texts for Lexis

You probably use reading and listening texts every day in your class- whether that's from your coursebook or texts you find online. But are you using them to their full potential?  There are so many ways you can 'dig' into the language there to help learners notice vocabulary and grammar structures. Less preparation for you- SO useful for them!
..and the great thing about both of these courses is that while you can do them on your own, they're designed to do with colleagues. Invite a couple of friends online and do them together (they take about an hour each to complete) or use them in your school with other teachers as Continuing Professional Development sessions.

And last but not least...  the 'secret weapon' to developing your teaching awareness!

In case all of this wasn't enough, I'm including a FREE BONUS course just for you...

Reflection Challenge

A structured programme of self-paced activities to help you to analyse what's going on in your classroom and take some evidence based action to improve.

The Complete Teacher Package includes ALL these courses - its everything you need to help you develop professionally and a great resource to refer to at any stage in your teaching career

What does this teacher say about the bundle?

My head is exploding with so many great ideas - can’t wait to get into the classroom next week and try some of them out. I have loads to keep me going for new stuff for a long time thanks to you. Choosing which ones to use first is the trick. It’s like being in an ice cream shop with a hundred different flavours and wanting to try them all in one day.
Naomi Hunter
ESOL Teacher, Australia


What happens if you buy these courses and then find out that they're not for you? Every course has a free introductory unit, so go ahead and try them out to see if you like them. I am also so confident that you will love these courses, that I am very happy to offer a QUIBBLE FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If FOR ANY REASON you are not completely happy after 7 days, just drop me an email and I'll give you a refund. Simple as that.


Developing as a teacher will keep YOU happier and more motivated,
will keep your LEARNERS coming back for more and
will make you more attractive to EMPLOYERS.

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