Teaching Grammar Communicatively - Special Offer

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Want to be a rockstar grammar teacher?

I've been watching teachers in the classroom for over 20 years and I know that one of the things that novice (and more experienced!) teachers struggle with is how to make grammar teaching engaging and useful – is this you? I can help.
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Imagine this..

A classroom with learners leaning forward, interested, speaking to each other in an animated way, having a clear understanding of the grammar that you’ve just taught them and (even more importantly) the opportunity to practise that grammar in meaningful ways. They’re smiling and happy as they leave the classroom and you’re full of energy and confidence and feeling the satisfaction of a job well done. This is what language teaching should look like (and CAN look like!). I can show you how.

The WHAT and the HOW

The ‘Grammar for Language Teachers’ course that you already bought (and by the way, remember that you have access to that for life – you’ll find it really helpful to go back over this stuff, especially Part 2) is all about teaching you the WHAT of English grammar. What things are called and why some things are tricky for learners. ‘Teaching Grammar Communicatively’ is about the HOW.
Just because you know the grammar rules yourself, doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to make it USEFUL for your learners. ‘Teaching Grammar Communicatively’ is going to lay it all out and take your grammar teaching to the next level.
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Teaching Grammar Communicatively

‘Teaching Grammar Communicatively’ is a distillation of all my knowledge and experience of teaching grammar. I’ve included in it everything that I wish I’d known when I was starting out as a teacher. It has clear guidelines. concrete examples and frameworks to help you structure your own lessons in a way that will make sense to you AND your learners.

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Bonus offer

And a FREE bonus...

Reflection Challenge.
Exercises for you to do to observe your own teaching in a data-led way and make changes that are right for YOU and your learners.
This works perfectly if you are trying out new techniques from the 'Teaching Grammar Communicatively' course.

Usual price £29 -  FREE with this offer

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Teaching Grammar Communicatively - Special Offer

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