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Video Creation for Educators

A motivating, hands-on eight week programme to develop your educational video making skills in a small group environment.

I want to start with a story....

Eleven years ago, I started an MA and as part of that, I got interested in making educational videos. This led, in January 2012 to launching my website, ELT-Training. At the time, I really didn't expect much from it. I had a job that I liked and the video making was a bit of a hobby. An interest that earned me some pocket change. I didn't expect it to lead anywhere.

How wrong I was.....

Over the past decade, making videos and video based courses has had a significant impact on both my professional and my personal life. It was (I think) a significant factor in getting a fantastic job at Warwick University and the fact that I've put my head above the parapet as a teacher educator has landed me all sorts of work as a CELTA assessor, JCA, freelance CELTA Tutor and ELT Consultant. I've also been invited (and paid) to go to some really nice places to speak at conferences (and done a lot online!) and I put out a lot of free stuff which allows me to feel that I'm giving something back to the community. Do I feel appreciated for this? Yup -every day I get emails and messages on social media from people expressing appreciation for what I do. This always makes me smile. Finally, and this really is the icing on the cake, my business has now grown to the extent that I can rely on the income it generates (significantly more than I used to earn at Warwick) and I'm currently living on a beautiful beach in Greece and still working -because I can!
Now, I don't say all of this as a boast, I say it because I want you to understand how very powerful video making for education can be. I have no illusions about my own capacity as an educator. I think I'm good, but I know lots of teachers who are just as good or better than I am. But by making video and getting it out on social media, I have given myself a VOICE and you can do this too.

Want to know how you can learn to make videos and change your life? Let me tell you....

Write your awesome label here.

Sound good? Want to know more? Keep scrolling!

I'd love to tell you that all of this has been easy, but of course it hasn't. It's taken me ten years to get where I am, and I've done it all myself by trial and error.

Clearly you CAN Google all of the information you need - it's out there BUT it'll probably take you quite a long time. What I am offering you is to help you get to where you want to be MUCH faster. I have learnt so much along the way and I'm going to give you the benefit of all of the shortcuts that I know - what works, what doesn't work so well, tips, tricks and useful resources and tools that you can use to your advantage.

The other HUGE difference that this will make to your progress is that committing to this eight week programme will ensure that you really DO something. That you stop procrastinating, stop worrying about how you will start and just take those first steps in a supportive environment that can lead you to creating something really worthwhile.
So why do it?

You should do this course if....

You're a freelance or would-be independent teacher who...
You're a would-be teacherpreneur who...
You're a teacher or university lecturer who...

If you want....

  •   to be able to work WHEN you want (around other family commitments, for example) and WHERE you want.
  •   to generate a (significant) passive income by making and selling video-based courses
  •   to attract more students by offering inspiring video material on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to SHOW them how awesome you are

..then this is for you!

What do you need?

  • A serious commitment to put in the work over eight weeks. You are going to see amazing results, but you have to put in the effort. I'd suggest that you will need to be able to devote about 6-8 hours a week to the course.
  • No previous video making experience will be expected, but you'll work and get feedback at your own level, so no problem if you're a complete newbie or if you've already started to 'dabble'.
  • Basic equipment - something to film yourself with - a phone or laptop will be just fine for this - preferably with a tripod or stand (these are not expensive). A reasonable microphone and editing software. I'd recommend Camtasia and will be working with that, but you can use Screencast-o-matic which is cheaper, or LumaFusion on iDevices or any other editing software that you're familiar with.
  • A stable internet connection to join the input sessions.

What will you get?

Lots of personalised input and support from me and the chance to work with a group of like minded individuals who will motivate and inspire you. If you can imagine a CELTA-type experience for video making, this is it. You'll work hard (nothing worth doing comes easily) within a supportive group giving you the opportunity to learn from each other and talk about your own work with others (I'm totally about a social constructivist approach to learning because I've seen it be so effective in teacher education) and you will progress an ENORMOUS amount with the practical approach of creating, reflecting, getting feedback and doing it all again...and again...and again.

How will it work?

The programme will all be online and mainly flexibly asynchronous with Live input once a week (times tbc depending on time zones of participants and recorded for anyone who can't make it). What this means in practice is:

  1. A synchronous (Zoom) input session run by me every week (recorded for if you can't make it) over the eight weeks
  2. The opportunity and motivation to produce a short video every single week to try out your newfound skills with small group discussion and feedback from your peers and me.
  3. Structured practical exercises each week to practice what you've been shown.
  4. One-to-one tutorials with me throughout the course to make sure that you are making the best progress possible.

Where will the focus be each week?

Week 1
Introduction to each other, the course and editing programmes
Week 2
Editing 101
One to one tutorial – Individual needs analysis
Week 3
Equipment and use of images
Week 4
Using PowerPoint to max effect
Mid-course one to one tutorial – feedback on video making and working on design/ ideas for your own materials
Week 5
Creating a camera persona
Week 6
Content and scripting
Week 7
Advanced editing techniques
Individual feedback and workshop on final video(s)
Week 8
Giving yourself a VoiCE on social media
Final Certificate awarded

What next?

Practical details...
I'm afraid that the January course is now full (all places filled within a week of launching the programme!) but I'll be running the course again soon.
Next course dates

The course will run over 8 weeks with synchronous sessions on Sundays from April 3rd to May 22nd 2022 inclusive.

Course fees -£1,500 
Early bird rate -£1350 if you pay in one instalment before January 31st 2022
Payment in instalments-  three instalments of £500 
Interested? ... ready to give it a go next time?
Just send an email to me at to register your interest for the next programme.
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