You invested in yourself (and in me!)


You can access your courses below,  but I'll also be sending you an email  confirmation.
Check out your Junk folder if you don't see it!

I know that you'll find the courses helpful but as you have access to a wide range of courses, it might be a little overwhelming (don’t worry – there’s no time limit. How you navigate the materials will depend a lot on your current knowledge and your context, but I'd suggest this might be a good plan:

The first thing I would do in your place is to write down some kind of 'to do' plan. It's hard to stay motivated but breaking things down into chunks helps. Maybe allocate yourself a couple of hours twice a week to study, maybe binge through one course. The most important thing is that you put what you learn into action.

Learn something- about Planning with AI, or Teaching Grammar in a more communicative way, or Teaching Pronunciation AND THEN USE IT! Immediately! This way, things will stick more and you'll get the best out of the materials.

The two 'mini-courses' Dictogloss and Exploiting Texts for Lexis are designed to be done with a group of teachers. You can do them alone, too, but if you have the opportunity, why not ask some of your colleagues to do them with you - face to face or online.

Finally, if you have any difficulties or questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me. I'm always happy to help!

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