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Your material is simple, clear, practical, down to earth and unpretentious. And you are a pleasure to listen to- your manner is friendly and airy. You're not intense , trying to pack lots into a few minutes. I think you have mastered the skill of "it's OK if I don't give over EVERYTHING I know". That takes humility. I am learning this surely but oh so slowly!!
Lindsay H
I love your detailed and clear explanations of grammar! I started as a newb, did my CELTA, and now I teach phonetics at my local city college. All you explanations made everything so clear and it gave me the confidence to teach it.
Nick Dawson
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Your material is clear, concise, practical and consistent. I always can put your advice and instruction into practice immediately. The Elt-Training brand is one I can trust and I feel it's very good value for the money. 
pamela fahey
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