Newsletter 2021#17

Newsletter 2021 #17
Good morning

How are you this morning? I had quite a few comments about the 'something old, something new' subtitles and a few alternative suggestions(!) but mostly this seemed to get positive reviews, so I'll run it a bit longer...

What do I have for you this week? Well its a bit of a ragbag really. Some classroom management thoughts, a video for teachers at the beginning of their career with some tips for gaining confidence in the classroom and finally some thought provoking and hopefully motivating articles on Continuing Professional Development (however long you've been in the classroom).

Something old
The most popular course on my site (it's free, so I guess that helps!) is the CELTA Toolkit and there are a range of videos on there including quite an extensive section on Classroom Management. This week, I thought that I'd give this one on 'Giving Feedback on Activities' an airing. It's aimed at trainee teachers, really, but there may be a few things in there that may serve as useful reminders to novice (and even a bit more experienced) teachers.

Something new
A business coach that I follow (Gemma Gilbert) sent out a newsletter this week with a message about the importance of confidence and it got me thinking about this, so I've made a short video about it with some tips for newbie teachers and trainees and anyone else who suffers with stage-fright at the start of a new class (like me!). Hope it's helpful. (BTW I recorded it in a slightly different way from my usual videos - I'm interested to see if you can tell the difference and whether you like this or not.... let me know)

Something borrowed
Finally, I've pointed you in the direction of a couple of these collections of free articles from English Teaching professional magazine before, but I make no apology for this - there's some great stuff here and it's very accessible. This time the theme is Continuing Professional Development and there are dozens of ideas for how you could continue to develop as a teacher right from your living room - have fun with it.

OK - that's it for now. I've got a Big Walk planned in the Lake District this week so keep your fingers crossed for good weather for me!


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