CELTA Toolkit

Free resources for CELTA trainees- support with lesson planning, assignments, classroom management and more.
Course overview
Widely recommended by CELTA tutors!
In this free resource you will find support with:
  • All aspects of classroom management
  • Teaching receptive & productive skills
  • Teaching grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Guidance for CELTA assignments
An invaluable and popular resource for all CELTA, TESOL & TEFL trainees and novice language teachers. Dip in and out for help, revision or to learn new ideas!
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Reviews of this course
All of your videos have been so helpful and comforting since I started my CELTA course in October. Stafford House recommended your CELTA Toolkit course and it’s been a godsend! Thank you so, so much for sharing your insights and knowledge. I really trust what you have to say and my lesson plans have been taking so long so I thought I could benefit from some concise but thorough advice.
Fiona, CELTA trainee
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Jo for providing this website and so many amazing and free resources. I used her Celta Toolkit extensively before and during my course. I just got my result - PASS A, I'm absolutely thrilled! Her materials were invaluable in helping me achieve this grade. I also listed a few of her other courses as routes for my future development in Assignment 4, and am really looking forward to taking that next step. It is hard to get across just how intense the 4 week CELTA course really is, it is relentless. If you are thinking about taking it, I would recommend giving yourself at least a month to prepare and I don't think there could be better preparation than to work through Jo's materials and to keep on using them during the course, and afterwards. THANK YOU JO.
Theresa, CELTA trainee
Thank you so much for the resources you make available. I’m at the end of week 2 of CELTA hell and your videos have helped me put so much into perspective. Incidentally, you add just the right amount of humour to your videos to make them fun but very factual!
Richard, Celta CELTA trainee
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