Aug 4

CELTA - How to ace reading and listening lessons

receptive skills
Teaching reading and listening in an English language classroom
I made this series of videos a few years ago as an overview of receptive skills methodology - if you're on a CELTA course and you've got reading or listening for your teaching practice or you're doing your Language Skills Related Task assignment, they'll be really helpful, too.

Part One - Introduction

Some thoughts on receptive skills and on choosing appropriate material.

Part Two -Activating schemata

How do you start a receptive skills lesson and help learners to understand what they're going to read/ listen to.

Part Three - Pre-teaching vocabulary

Some thoughts on pre-teaching difficult or 'blocking' vocabulary and whether or not this is a good idea.

Part Four - Gist

Your first task for a receptive skills lesson will usually be to help learners to get the gist of the text. Here are some ideas on how you might do this.

Part Five - Specific information and follow up activities

For more practice, here are some ideas for further reading and listening tasks, and work to follow on.
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