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What do I need to know for CELTA?

Let's start with grammar knowledge

Try this little test. Can you give an example of:
  • an irregular past participle
  • an indefinite article
  • the past perfect passive
If this is easy for you, you probably don't need this course....


..if you are feeling a bit nervous, don't panic - this is learnable and I can teach you! 
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The CELTA application process will include tests on grammar terminology and how to explain it to learners. This knowledge is VITAL for English teachers - how can you explain your learners' mistakes if you don't grasp WHY something is wrong?

Note, too, your learners WILL probably know this. They'll make errors in using the language, but they'll often know what things are called and they'll lose confidence in you if you don't.

You're not expected to know EVERYTHING before your CELTA, but the more comfortable you are with it as soon as possible, the easier and more effective your grammar teaching will be. You will thank me for this!
Grammar for Language Teachers has helped hundreds of trainees get to grips with this. It's a comprehensive grammar course with over seven hours of video tutorials (in bite size chunks), quizzes to help you practice, downloadable templates and examples. On it you will learn:
  • Why a good working knowledge of grammar is essential for teaching language
  • The terms and nomenclature of all parts of speech explained simply and comprehensively
  • How verb tenses work including passive and active forms
  • In depth coverage of areas that are difficult for learners (and teachers!) and how to explain
This course is invaluable for pre-CELTA preparation - higher grades at CELTA demand good knowledge of language. Take the headache out of it and give yourself the best chance of success.

What else is useful for CELTA?

Lesson Planning

Planning your lesson is almost as important as being able to teach it. It's going to take a LOT of your time on the CELTA and strong planning is a crucial part of a higher grade.

CELTA Lesson Planning Made Easy is a step-by-step guide to planning lessons effectively and efficiently. It contains 2 hours of video tutorials, interactive quizzes, downloadable template and examples.  Here you will learn:

  • What's in a lesson plan and how to write one step-by-step
  • Frameworks for teaching grammar, vocabulary and language skills and how to plan from a coursebook
  • How to write a lesson plan that anticipates problems and really helps you in the classroom.
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Language Analysis and Concept Checking

Other things you need for first-class lesson plans that will give you confidence in the classroom are Language Analysis Made Easy and Concept Checking Made Easy.

Together these courses comprise over 3.5 hours of video tutorials, downloadable guides, worked examples and quizzes to help you practice. Here you will learn:

  • How to analyse all tenses, conditionals and modals clearly and simply
  • How to anticipate problems for form and pronunciation
  • What concept check questions (CCQs) and why they are essential for checking that your learners really understand the language you teach them
  • Tricks and tips on how to write effective CCQs and avoid the pitfalls

They're an INVALUABLE RESOURCE for planning language lessons, teaching grammar (and passing CELTA!)

And last but not least...  your CELTA secret weapon!

In case all of this wasn't enough, I'm including a FREE BONUS course just for you - The Ultimate Guide to CELTA Success.

There are no guarantees of anything in life, and certainly not a Pass A or Pass B at CELTA, but if you want to know the things that will put you on this path, you'll find them here. Follow these tips and give yourself the very best chance of a higher grade.

The Complete CELTA Package covers grammar AND all of these areas - it's everything you need and great to refer to before, during and after CELTA.


What happens if you buy these courses and then find out that they're not for you? Every course has a free introductory unit, so go ahead and try them out to see if you like them. I am also so confident that you will love these courses, that I am very happy to offer a QUIBBLE FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If FOR ANY REASON you are not completely happy after 7 days, just drop me an email and I'll give you a refund. Simple as that.


Do yourself a favour and prepare BEFORE your CELTA 

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