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Language Related Task

There isn't a walkthrough video for this assignment, because centres have quite different approaches to it. You need to show that you can analyse language (grammar, vocabulary and functional language) for teaching purposes. This means identifying Meaning Form and Pronunciation, anticipating problems that learners might have with them and offering solutions (including concept checking questions). Some centres give you the language in a context, others ask you to make your own context. The important thing is that you are able to research language in order to identify and explain the grammar you need to know to teach English. This is often a weakness for trainees and one of the reasons I started ELT-training in the first place.

In the next section are links to some popular free reference materials that can help develop your knowledge and understanding of English grammar for this assignment.

Following this, as a supplement to textual references or if you prefer a more video-based approach to learning, the courses 'Concept Checking Made Easy' and 'Language Analysis Made Easy' will also help with analysing vocabulary and grammar respectively and I'd recommend them for this assignment. If you feel you need more of a comprehensive approach, 'Grammar for Language Teachers' is also useful ... and the most popular course on this site. Good luck with it!
Language Related Task
Useful references for learning grammar
Language Related Task
Three courses to help go the extra mile...
These video-based courses from ELT-Training will be helpful for this assignment and for your language teaching in the future!.
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